1. Athens!

    The Temple of Poseidon
    Peak hours may necessitate that you let other people sit on your lap

  2. Winter Holiday Europe Trip

    From December 29th to January 12th

  3. Roma, Day 1

    Just a concrete pillar and a big metal ball.
    That’s all. Nothing special about this.

    Hot and smelly like Los Angeles, but with ruins

  4. Granda and the Alhambra


  5. Sevilla

    I still have to prove that Ryan Parker did this. It’s so him.

    The only good thing about Sevilla was its graffiti.

  6. Lisboa

    SenSourround. Man I wanted to see that documentary.
    It’s a shame it was ending that day and I don’t speak Portuguese.

    Took my Ringo Walk

  7. Berlin

    Marry me if you know why this image is so special to me.

  8. Is Anyone Else Bothered by the Typo?

  9. Reminded Me of Amélie