1. The Making of Harry Potter

    Exciting for designers and fans alike.

  2. Theremin Pop Up Project

    My friend Andy, a theremin enthusiast, is a professional paper engineer. For a birthday card, I decided to make this.
    Some More Process shots

  3. 2 Books, Janurary 19th, 2011

    A Lovely Gift

  4. 28th Birthday

    Best Birthday in a Long Time

  5. I’m the Operator with My Pocket Calculator

    Controlling a Casio ML-831 with Arduino

  6. Extracurricular RCA IDE, Year One

    This was everything I flew here with: bike, clothes, mandolin, computer, etc.

    I moved to London back in September to go to the RCA to get my masters. This is What I did outside of school.

  7. Ironbridge, World Heritage Site

    part of an RCA field trip!

  8. Winter Holiday Europe Trip

    From December 29th to January 12th

  9. Ghana Week Two

    I could have been arrested for taking this photo.

  10. Ghana Week One

    I am in Ghana until 23 May