1. 35th Vermeer

    Level Up!

  2. Vermeers: 32nd, 33rd, and 34th on my list

    Only three left, one to see on Sunday!

  3. Thirty First

    Six more to go: four in Europe, one attributed in New Jersey, and the stolen Concert.

  4. Number 30

    Sneaky photo-op in Buckingham Palace thanks to Shawn!

  5. Winter Holiday Europe Trip

    From December 29th to January 12th

  6. A Day at the Met, March 29, 2009

    The 29th Vermeer I’ve seen, out of 36

  7. The TV’s Talking Spanish, You Know That That’s a Bitch

    RCA: formal acceptance
    Cranbrook: informal verbal formal acceptance
    RISD: still waiting list
    Pratt: who gives a damn? formal acceptance, but who gives a damn?

    Can you tell which one I’m going to pick?

    Thoughts on Traveling

  8. I’ve Seen 14 Vermeers and You Haven’t

    Unless you’re my brother, then you’ve stolen one of my life goals and have seen more Vermeers. But I’ve seen ones that he hasn’t! I’ll have seen 19 by Wednesday. And if I go to London, it might be 23. There are 34 attributed and 2 to 4 disputed paintings (one of which I’ve seen).

    (I fixed some numbers, I’m still unsure about the number of disputed ones)

  9. Den Haag

    I’m Running Out of Time

  10. Berlin

    Marry me if you know why this image is so special to me.