Winter Holiday Europe Trip

Casey came to visit me when our winter holidays lined up. We met up in Frankfurt, but I did some traveling before hand.

I took a ferry to Holland on the Stena Hollandica. It was a nice trip to take on short notice and the second time I traveled to another European country via boat.

I couldn’t tell what these things were, if they were stone or something else, and why they looked like perfect cubes.

I spent 2 ngihts in Amsterdam to see the one Vermeer that I didn’t see before and the Van Gogh museum.

I didn’t have plans for New Years, but I was going to meet up with Ryan in Seckenheim. I decided to just travel there straight away, but stopped off at my brother’s favorite city, Wuppertal, to see the Schwebebahn.

Trying to meet up with Ryan in Seckenheim was difficult. We were going to meet at one of the 2 bahn stops, but it wasn’t the same one. I ended up slipping on the ice when I got off at this station.

On New Years Ryan and I did some road tripping and saw Strahlenburg Castle and Shriesheim. I couldn’t figure out the pattern of the stained glass windows.

Cute chairs.

An ice skating rink in Frankfurt.

After meeting up with Casey, we went to Berlin and stayed with Tim and Jess. It had just snowed and was so cold.

We only had a few days, but I wanted to show Casey what I saw the last time I was there. We went to the Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate, Jewish memorial, and saw where the wall was in Postdamer Platz.

The wall parts were even more degraded and graffitied since I was there in the Fall of 2005.

January 2009

August 2005

On the train to Dresden.

Vermeers 26 and 27.

Das Schokoladenmädchen by Jean-Etienne Liotard. A amazingly realistic and beautiful pastel.

Dresden was so beautiful, but we only had a few hours there.

Prague was amazingly beautiful with a light dusting of snow covering everything.

We ended up in Dublin, where I saw my 28th Vermeer.

And we visited the Guinness brewery.

A scene that any home brewer is familiar with.