1. London Fire and Ice

    London can get colder than the British would like to admit.

    A fire on a flatbed truck keeping roadworks tools hot.

  2. Ingression & Egression

  3. A London Sunset

    Somedays, London is actually quite beautiful. Today was one of those days.

  4. Athens!

    The Temple of Poseidon
    Peak hours may necessitate that you let other people sit on your lap

  5. Winter Holiday Europe Trip

    From December 29th to January 12th

  6. Did You Know…

    That the designer of this building,

    which I’ve seen before, was the father of the designer of this building, which I’ve seen recently?

    At the Cranbrook museum, I heard “father designed…Finnish central rail station…” and thought, “Hey, I saw that building!”

    Desiging transportation hubs. Like father, like son.

  7. The TV’s Talking Spanish, You Know That That’s a Bitch

    RCA: formal acceptance
    Cranbrook: informal verbal formal acceptance
    RISD: still waiting list
    Pratt: who gives a damn? formal acceptance, but who gives a damn?

    Can you tell which one I’m going to pick?

    Thoughts on Traveling

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  9. I Backdated a Bunch of Entries

    from my Europe Trip. Check them out. Start here.

  10. Firenze

    We’re getting very near the end