1. Theremin Pop Up Project

    My friend Andy, a theremin enthusiast, is a professional paper engineer. For a birthday card, I decided to make this.
    Some More Process shots

  2. Vintage Theremin Weekend. May 14th to 17th, 2011

    There are 6 vacuum tube theremins in this photo. Can you spot them all?
    Another Wonderful Visit to My Friend Andy’s House

  3. 28th Birthday

    Best Birthday in a Long Time

  4. Theremin Cello!

    2 Theremin Cellos built by Floyd Engles played at Hands Off 2010 in London

  5. May Roosevelt at The Old Blue Last, February Ninth

    And others…

  6. Hands Off 2009

    Two Day group album recording event

  7. Octopus Project interview at KAMP Student Radio

    The interview should be up soon. I’ll post it right here.

    Extra Special Stuff…

  8. Santa Fe Trip, Day Two

    The amazing Two Theremin Orchestra

  9. Santa Fe Trip, Day One

    Boring intro photo, I know. It gets better. Slightly.

  10. Singer, Plating, and a Rainbow

    Reversible feed, horizontal rotary hook, for family use