1. The Making of Harry Potter

    Exciting for designers and fans alike.

  2. Theremin Pop Up Project

    My friend Andy, a theremin enthusiast, is a professional paper engineer. For a birthday card, I decided to make this.
    Some More Process shots

  3. I’m the Operator with My Pocket Calculator

    Controlling a Casio ML-831 with Arduino

  4. Ghana Week One

    I am in Ghana until 23 May

  5. Not a Champagne Chair

    But awesome none the less

  6. The Third Chair

    champagne chair one, champagne chair two

  7. π Day Comic

    I made another comic with new characters from my series as a wedding gift for feiyongxiang and misskittyf. I even made the frame!

  8. The Second Chair in the Series, with Ottoman

    first chair

  9. Did You Know…

    That the designer of this building,

    which I’ve seen before, was the father of the designer of this building, which I’ve seen recently?

    At the Cranbrook museum, I heard “father designed…Finnish central rail station…” and thought, “Hey, I saw that building!”

    Desiging transportation hubs. Like father, like son.

  10. This is what I do at a Party

    instead of drink or socialize.