1. fun. 2012-10-20 at Bikini in Barcelona

    My 18th fun. show.

  2. fun. 2012-10-06 at The Academy in Dublin

    My 17th fun. show.

  3. fun. 2012-10-04 at the Institute in Birmingham

    My 16th fun. show

  4. Butterfly Boucher 2012-08-15 at the Borderline in London

    Only had to wait 9 years to see her live.

  5. fun. at Heaven in London: 9th of July, 2012

    14th fun. show!

  6. The Making of Harry Potter

    Exciting for designers and fans alike.

  7. Galco’s Soda Pop Stop

    Freedom of Choice

  8. Del Coronado

    A Stay at the Del

  9. Todd Snider at the Borderline, 22 Feb 2012

  10. Hourly Comic Day: Feb 1, 2012

    Fifth year in a row!