1. Roma and Status Civitatis Vaticanæ, Day 2

    No taking pictures in the chapel.

    Things start to break down

  2. Roma, Day 1

    Just a concrete pillar and a big metal ball.
    That’s all. Nothing special about this.

    Hot and smelly like Los Angeles, but with ruins

  3. Madrid: El Prado

    Best Goya painting ever.

    3 hours to see the Spanish masters

  4. Granda and the Alhambra


  5. Alcázar de San Juan

    in search of Don Quixote

  6. Acros de la Foneteria day trip

    The tourists were Spanish. That made everything all right.

  7. Cordoba

    More of the Mosque

  8. Sevilla

    I still have to prove that Ryan Parker did this. It’s so him.

    The only good thing about Sevilla was its graffiti.

  9. Lisboa

    SenSourround. Man I wanted to see that documentary.
    It’s a shame it was ending that day and I don’t speak Portuguese.

    Took my Ringo Walk

  10. Bruxelles

    Architecture, sculpture, and The Cheat